About Our Clinic

   The Windsor Vein Centre is established to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a large number of people who suffer from different forms of varicose and spider veins.

This specialty Centre was established by Dr. C.M. Iannicello and Dr. Speirs, both Royal College certified physicians, to provide the highest quality services to their patients.

In addition to their specialty in Vascular surgery and interventional Radiology, both physicians attended and participated in numerous meetings and seminars organized by the Canadian Society of Phlebology and American College of Phlebology throughout North America.

If you suffer from problems related to varicose and spider veins, you needn't feel alone.

More than 80 million Americans and 8 million Canadians are suffering just like you are.

While some will seek treatment for cosmetic improvement, many are simply looking for relief from pain.

No matter in which category you may be, there is help available for you.

20-25 million Americans have varicose veins. Venous reflux, often the underlying cause of varicose veins, frequently forces people to dramatically change their lifestyle, especially when they have a standing profession and can no longer tolerate being on their feet all day.

Don't let varicose veins drag you down. Let us help you live your life without worrying about your legs. The solution is only a phone call away.


We provide the latest and least invasive procedures for the removal of varicose veins called Endo-Venous Laser Therapy. Click here to find out more about it.

We are located just minutes from the US/Canadian border. Save some money by letting us treat you.
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To learn more about what to expect during your first appointment or how should prepare, please refer to our FAQ section.

Our clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment such as VenaCure EVLT - Endovenous Laser System and Radiofrequency devices.

Endovenous Laser System
VenaCure EVLT.com

If you have any questions or
concerns please don't hesitate
to call us at 519-250-4284 or
e-mail us at contactus@windsorveincentre.com.

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